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Broadridge, a global Fintech leader with $5 billion in revenue, provides communications, technology, data and intelligence. We drive business transformation for clients, including wealth managers, with solutions for enriching client engagement, navigating risk, optimizing efficiency and growing revenue, helping them get ahead of today’s challenges and capitalize on what’s next.

For more information, please visit https://www.broadridge.com/ca/

Planworth is a B2B SaaS platform that works behind the scenes so that advisors have the expertise of a virtual family office at their fingertips.

For more information, please visit https://www.planworth.co/

Agora is a leading wealthtech, multi-dealer custodian focused on transforming advisors’ and dealers‘ capacity to adapt to rapidly changing client expectations, technology demands and client-focused reforms. Agora’s leading, cloud-based, digital platform enables advisors to eliminate manual workflows, integrate core software functions among various applications, and consolidate accounts. These capabilities enhance the advice proposition, improve client servicing, and lower costs. Agora is honoured to have been named a WP 5-Star Wealth Technology Provider for 2021

For more information, please visit https://agoracorp.ca

Mako Fintech takes administrative burdens out of wealth management. Canada’s top wealth professionals entrust their unique operations to Mako Fintech’s custom digital solutions for dramatically improved efficiency. Transform client experience, while completing tasks faster, easier and at scale.

For more information, please visit https://makofintech.com/en

SideDrawer is an API-based document management platform that improves the secure collection and delivery of data and documents from clients. The SideDrawer SaaS product is used by advisors, planners, executors and other professionals to securely collect and share sensitive client data and documents. SideDrawer’s infrastructure agnostic APIs are truly scalable, allowing fintechs and enterprises to save significant development resources on non-core, but critical document management workflows.

For more information, please visit https://www.sidedrawer.com/

Founded in 1987, Croesus is a WealthTech leader offering advanced, intuitive, and secure wealth management solutions. Croesus’ solutions include a portfolio management system, centralized portfolio rebalancing and application programming interfaces to facilitate connections between systems. Croesus has won several industry recognition as a high-quality product supplier and a remarkable employer.

For more information about us and what we can do for you, please visit https://www.croesus.com/

Pascal WealthTech designs digital technology to make the financial advisor’s world better. From our all-in-one Advisor Success Platform to our behavioural finance risk tolerance product InvestorEQ and our client engagement and loyalty program Living Wealth, we empower advisors with the modern digital solutions they need to grow their business.

For more information, please visit www.pascalwealthtech.com.

The Fintech Impact Podcast is one of the top fintech podcasts in the world. Hosted by financial planner Jason Pereira, the podcast is an in-depth dive into what's happening in the world of fintech; the players, the trends, and how it is impacting incumbents, consumers, and our future relationship with money.

Quintessence (Q) Wealth is a Partnership of Portfolio Managers - exclusively for advisors that want to own their practice and transcend the investment dealer world to become true fiduciaries.

We are a state-of-the-art support platform, and advisory practice accelerator – integrating wealth management with financial planning and a cutting-edge client experience. We compliment that with the most comprehensive array of digital marketing, IT, cyber security, and compliance solutions. All this empowers our Partners to focus on serving their clients at scale with hyper-personalization. With our advanced tools and resources at their side, QW Partners not only stand out, but can stand atop in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing industry.

For more information please visit: https://www.qwealth.com/