May 18, 2021 | 10:00 am to 5:20 pm EST

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10:00 am

Registration and virtual orientation

10:20 am

Pre-event workshop: Improving your digital presence to get in front of the right audience

As face-to-face networking takes a back seat, organizations need to consider the digital-first impression they are making. Whether they find you via referral, marketing or Google search, prospective clients are using your digital profiles to make their decisions. Does your website showcase you as an authority that can be trusted? Do you appear in the right search results? Do you know all your digital touchpoints?

  • Understanding authority and backlinks
  • Identifying and understanding how you appear in search results
  • Improving your EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust)

Jacob Reeleder

Global Digital Manager, SEO & Engagement, Key Media

11:00 am

Welcome remarks

11:05 am

Chairperson remarks

Jared Rabinowitz

Founding and Executive Partner, Q Wealth Partners

11:10 am

How the wealth industry is adapting to technology and revolutionizing the future of advice

While COVID-19 has significantly altered our reality, the wealth industry has been forced to accelerate its adaptation to technology to meet the needs and demands of clients. New apps, technology platforms and solutions are introducing a new era of innovation, disruption, client engagement and digital experience. Wealth Professional kicks off its keynote panel with leading wealthtech innovators and disruptors who will talk opportunities and unveil trends that are shaping the future of the wealth industry.

  • Technology trends, risks and opportunities
  • The definition of financial advice beyond investments: What you need to know
  • How fintech is influencing the advisory community
  • Incorporating a digital experience to accelerate your business


Jason Pereira

Partner & Senior Financial Planner, Woodgate Financial - Host, Fintech Impact Podcast


Tom Burmeister

VP of Financial Planning, NaviPlan by InvestCloud

Robert Smuk

President & CEO, Agora Dealer Services Corp.

Kendra Thompson

Partner, National Wealth & Investment Management Leader, Deloitte Canada

Joseph Lo

VP Wealth Innovation, Broadridge

11:50 am

It’s not about investments: How fintech is redefining the advisory profession

For years now you’ve heard that fintech has/is/will disrupt advice, yet (with the exception of your compliance department begrudgingly allowing you to work from home with zoom), you’re still doing things more or less the same way you always have. Your clients see investments as the cornerstone of your relationship, you’re still using a random collection of software that doesn’t talk to each other, and you’re still spending the vast majority of your time on tasks that don’t make you money or enrich the lives of your clients. In this session, we’ll show you why 2021 is the year everything changes.

Clive Cholerton

Executive Partner, QWealth Partners

12:20 pm

Lighting Round: Digital technology empowering advisors

While it's become abundantly clear that going digital is no longer an option for wealth advisors, many remain hesitant to adopt the changes they need for success. Pascal WealthTech’s CEO, and one of Canada’s leading wealth management executives, Howard Atkinson, takes the stage to answer some tough questions on digital innovation in wealth management including compliance restrictions, risks, rewards, and more.


Darren Matte

Editor, Wealth Professional Canada Magazine


Howard Atkinson

CEO, Pascal WealthTech

12:40 pm

WP WealthTech Showcase

The WP WealthTech Showcase will feature 2 innovative fintech firms demonstrating their latest product, that promises to help advisors generate new revenue, deliver process efficiency, enhance end user experience, and reduce risk in business. Don’t miss your chance to get an in-depth look at Broadridge, and Pascal WealthTech's innovative platforms.

1:00 pm

Networking break

1:30 pm

The rise of cryptocurrency: Fad, or way forward?

Cryptocurrency – primarily bitcoin – has shifted from the fringes of finance towards being embraced by major investors and wealth industry players, with 2020 seeing extremely strong returns. But major questions remain around the alternative asset’s investment merit, security, and how advisors are using it, as well as the broader issue of inflation. Hear from leading crypto gurus as they discuss all things crypto and provide the information you need to make a sound decision.

  • Are cryptocurrencies a safe-haven asset? Pros and cons of ownership
  • Looking beyond bitcoin – what other crypto asset is on the rise and why?
  • Cryptocurrency scams and how to protect your investments
  • Regulatory guidelines and taxes: What you need to know
  • How to handle your clients’ cryptocurrency questions


James Burton

Sr. Editor, Wealth Professional


Matt Hougan

CIO, Bitwise Asset Management

Steve Hawkins

President and CEO, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

2:00 pm

Fireside chat: Your portfolio, AI and the future of investing

In today’s shifting economic and market environment, building diverse portfolios to weather the storm is at the forefront of advisors’ minds. Utilizing AI can offer advisors an opportunity to update their approach and solve asset-allocation challenges. In this not-to-miss session, we dive into the future of investing, where to invest, and tips on how to put these innovative tools to work for better risk-adjusted returns.

Dan Ciavarella

Head of Sales – Wealth, Americas, Refinitiv

Robert Di Iorio

Vice President & Portfolio Manager, RBC Dominion Securities

2:20 pm

Creating content to establish a brand to expand your audience

Content marketing should be an integral part of your growth plan. Whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, podcasts or blogs, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? Should you rely on organic marketing, or is now the time to invest in paid marketing? Let our experts walk you through strategic content creation strategies to make your brand and business stand out and thrive.

  • Organic vs paid marketing: Knowing when to invest for the better good of your business
  • Incorporating blogs, podcasts, articles and posts to build your influence on social media
  • The next greatest way to connect with clients, and how to implement it in your practice


Darren Matte

Editor, Wealth Professional Canada Magazine


Anna Hilberry

Associate Wealth Management Advisor, National Bank Financial Wealth Management

Sam Rook

Vice President, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

Samantha Russell

Chief Evangelist, FMG Suite

Rob Tétrault

Branch Manager, Sr. Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group, Canaccord Genuity Corp.

3:10 pm

Networking break

3:30 pm

Building cybersecurity resilience: How implementing cybersecurity measures can result in a “return on the investment”

Wealth organizations have tremendous motivation to protect their digital data, however many do not take the proper steps to mitigate these risks. Many only put security measures in place after an incident, or struggle with seeing the value of spending resources on cyber security measures. This presentation will discuss why it is important for wealth organizations to consider the security of their digital data, why they need to have a pre and post breach cyber plan, the reputational risks of a cyber-breach, and how implementing cyber security measure can result in a “return on the investment”.

Ryan Duquette

Partner – Security and Privacy Risk Consulting, RSM Canada

4:00 pm

How to streamline your back office and win the efficiency war

As a financial advisor, your time is valuable, and having a strong back office is critical; it gives you the freedom you need to focus more of your time on what matters. In this session, we explore how to improve your back-office operations, with a focus on your CRM, client reporting, compliance, integration and optimization. While these aren’t client-facing, they are crucial to your overall client experience, referability and growth. We’ll leave you with ideas on how to save both time and money.


Julia Chung

Partner and Senior Financial Planner, Spring Financial Planning


Stacie Joosten

VP, Sales & Marketing, Conquest

Mark J. Pinto

President & Director, Harbourfront Wealth Management

4:30 pm

Closing keynote: The truth about your future

Exponential technologies present huge implications for your business. In this closing keynote, Ric Edelman will show you why you must rethink your investment strategy, how to stay relevant, and find new ways to hypercharge growth, including a look at blockchain and digital assets. Ric Edelman is one of the most influential people in the financial planning and investment management profession. He was ranked the #1 Independent Financial Advisor three times in the United States by Barron’s and is an award-winning radio show host on personal finance and is New York Times #1 bestselling author of 10 books on personal finance.

Ric Edelman

Founder, RIA Digital Assets Council (RIADAC)

5:00 pm

Closing remarks

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