Stacie Joosten

VP, Sales & Marketing, Conquest

Stacie is the wife of a pilot, mother of three, fitness enthusiast, weekend baker and passionate professional. Her career has been dedicated to improving people’s well-being through deepening their financial literacy. After spending 15 years in the retail and small business banking sector in Canada, teaching financial advisors and clients how banking strategies can augment a financial plan, she joined Conquest Planning as their VP of Sales & Marketing to democratize access to financial plans globally. Conquest believes in leveraging the best that technology has to offer, to enable advisors to get more people into financial plans. She loves leadership and drawing out the best in people, and if you ask her what the highlights of her career have been she will not tell you that it was winning her several Top Producer awards, but that it’s been watching her team members win awards that they never thought before possible. She has an MBA from Royal Roads University, extended education in Building Organizational Cultures from Harvard, and has volunteered for various boards and children’s education opportunities throughout her career.